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Everyone is talking about Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigs) and that is a good thing! E-cigs are a good alternative compared to the traditional paper cigarettes we have all been using for many years. The basic workings of an electronic cigarette are quite simple, but they were not so a few years ago. They are a fairly new technology although they have been around longer overseas in europe an asia. Now that they have started to gain a lot of popularity in the US, there are a lot of new companies popping up every day and demand to buy electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly.

If you are wondered how long electronic cigarettes have been around, stop - ecigs were actually launched about two decades ago. Unfortunately, technology lacked along with media promotion, and the effort to bring them to market simply fizzled out. It is hard to get a new device to take the place of a product that has been so popular and apart of our culture for so long.  Smoking traditional cigarettes has been a lifetime habit for most smokers so alternative methods are not easily accepted. However, with technology making rapid strides and public places going smokeless, it’s time came a couple of years ago and a whole new version of electronic cigarettes were launched. E-cigarettes are gaining more traction with the constant reminders of how bad regular cigarettes are, so smokers are trying to find a way to quit or replace the habit with something less harmful. In fact, in the last 2 years, the basic workings have undergone multiple changes and today’s variants are absolutely state of the art.


The way an electronic cigarette works is quite simple really. The heart of the cigarette is the battery and modern e-cigarettes have rechargeable batteries so you don’t need to keep changing them every once in a while. It is wise to have a model that has multiple batteries or to get extras so that while it is in use you can be charging another battery so you have a fresh one ready to go. The battery is connected to the main chamber which contains a synthetic nicotine solution in vaporized form. This solution normally comes in the form of a cartridge and is to be refilled once it runs out. They come in various flavors as well ranging from traditional tobacco taste to fruit  flavors. There are also mint flavors so if you enjoy menthols you can easily make the switch.

Modern electronic cigarettes cartridges come with a metered number of inhales, and once it runs out the cartridge is to be disposed and a new one is to be put in. There are also versions in which the liquid can be filled, but the former is more popular. Apart from this, there is an LED light at the end of the e-cigarette and it is auto activated each time the user breathes in from the mouthpiece. This gives an actual feeling of using a real cigarette – albeit without all the harmful side effects. If you’ve not yet experienced e-cigarettes and you are looking to replace your old habit then buy electronic cigarettes and see if they are right for you.

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Electronic Cigarettes